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November 21 2020

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A meditative Kemetic Yoga journey into the Midnight hour featuring the music of one of roots reggae's most prolific bands.

Guided by + music selection by Darshania

The intention behind this event is to injoy a practice under the beautiful night sky and infuse ourselves with the elements of nature , whilst enjoying the high vibrational of St. Croix's Midnite. Villa Larimar is a beautiful outdoor location with sweeping views of the ocean atop a hill. When we engage and become fully present within these practices we may feel a sense of bliss, peace, calm, remembering or joy.

This event is 18+ and is limited to 12 participants due to social distancing. If you need to reserve a mat there will be a $2 fee


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A class guided with a focus on the breath and flow. Class focuses on postures for alignment of the spine and body. The use of geometric progression and postures found in ancient temples in Ancient Egypt assist the practitioner to connecting to deeper levels of awareness, peace and alignment. 

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