Darshania aka Shania D. is a recording and mixed media artist, yogini, mother, educator and writer. Raised in California, she was exposed to the arts, hip hop culture  and holistic living from a young age.


Darshania's first writings were published at the age of 8, she has continued as a Staff Writer and Editor for local and online magazines for over 15 years. She currently writes for the VI Source 


She has been writing rhymes since childhood, and frequented open pics and poetry events, releasing several chatbooks.  Darshania recorded her first songs as a teenager and received multiple scholarships to The Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco to study voice and theory. 


She began showcasing her talents at local events and becoming more increasingly interested in production. As a youth educator, she got her start working for Making Waves as an after school teacher at just the age of 19.  At the age of 20, she moved to Brooklyn , NY and attended IAR  and became a certified Audio Engineer at a time when women engineers were few to none.  Upon graduating, she took advanced ProTools Courses and Audio Production at her local college and began composing. She has always been told her music is unique and has encouraged individuality, creativity, and originality throughout her career.


In the early 2000's she became a DJ and formed "Riddims Couture" with fellow lady Deejay Bella. They went on to host events highlighting other women artists and throwing some of the most body rocking parties in the Bay Area. They released " Ladies on Wax" an all-female mixtape that featured the duo as recording artists and Dj's.  All the while, Darshania was teaching youth in after school programs. A move to Los Angeles brought her back into the company of longtime mentor and friend Aceyalone (Freestyle Fellowship, Goodlife) and she became a founding member of Project Blowed's " The Sis-Tem", an all-female group made up of 11 solo female artists, as well as a DJ residency at The Little Temple in Silverlake. Her longtime love affair with fashion is expressed through styling for artists in music videos and for all of her own shoots and appearances. 


A tour to Europe with Legendary Roxanne Shante' and Bahamadia followed completion of the " Female Perspective Mixtape" and she went on to release " Hip Hop Honey", The Liberate FreeP and "Be Free Now." 

Her music has been featured in national campaigns, documentaries and short films. She has been featured on numerous albums with artists such as Umar Bin Hussan of the Last Poets and The Jacka.

Her latest work with LA Beat Scene Pioneer Ras G, (Brainfeeder/Ghetto Sci-Fi) allows her full and complete artistic freedom with no limits set to the 808 laden drops Ras is known for. 2018 birthed A 12-inch house music release under Rong Records and remixed by old-time legend Dj Spun. 

In 2014, she received her certification in Kemetic Yoga and Ayurvedic Massage and has since then, opened an online shop, been teaching yoga, giving workshops and performing rituals as an initiate on the Priestess Path.

Darshania has guided hundreds in Kemetic Yoga, various healing rituals and workshops and continues to empower the community to "Heal Thyself".  She works with youth, WOC, and those who are often overlooked. Her collaborations with organizations such as Girls. Inc, Regina's Door and Queen Hippy Gypsy while on her stay in Oakland, this last 1.5 years has further expanded her reach and audience.


Her  latest book of Poetry " Fertile" features poetry, channels and messages inspired by her sacred life while living on the island of St. Croix, where she calls home.


She is currently wrapping up the final touches on her next musical offering "Heart Chakra", teaching yoga and putting on events through her companies Future Ancestar and Inspired Living!

DJ   Mixes 

You can click the picure  to be guided to a few mixes, I am currently uploading some of my mixes to my new platform for sharing on Mixcloud.  

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